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The Hilarious Truth About the IKEA Catalog

May 01, 4:30AM

Whether you love IKEA for being a one stop shop to fill out your home with a seemingly endless inventory of knick knacks or hate the big box shop for its self-destructing furniture and not so easy instructions, the IKEA catalog is probably the most printed book after the Bible. But what is IKEA hiding in its impeccably decorated pages? This video hilariously exposes it.



The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: LANDSHAPES

May 01, 4:00AM

And you theought the Griswold's trip to Walley World ended badly? Just look at the havoc wrought upon S' Agaró, Spain by a family of gravitational anomalies.



Here Are the Best Movies on Netflix That Will Disappear Tomorrow

May 01, 2:15AM

Another Netflix purge is happening. By tomorrow, 1794 movies will disappear from Netflix's catalog which means the last chance you have to stream these movies is tonight. Pick wisely! We've narrowed the choices down for you.



Athlete Tweets About His Love for the Galaxy S4 from an iPhone

May 01, 1:12AM

David Ferrer, the 4th ranked tennis player in the world right now (which probably makes him the best tennis player you never heard of), made a silly unforced error off the tennis court today: he tweeted about how happy he is with his new Samsung Galaxy S4 from... his iPhone. Whoops!



Watch How HTC Makes the HTC One So Beautiful

May 01, 12:07AM

The HTC One is very probably the most beautiful looking smartphone on the planet right now and very possibly the very best phone money can buy. How did it get that way? The details in its design. HTC's design team talks about the impressive process of turning a slab of metal into so much more.



A Classy, Hardcover Scoreboook for a Classic, Hardscrabble Game

Apr 30, 11:24PM

If there's one thing I learned about baseball from my pitcher grandpa, it's that you're not really watching unless you're keeping a scorecard.



Feed Wrangler: A Great iOS Reader Replacement for a Price

Apr 30, 10:01PM

While yes, the grieving process takes time, if you're still too busy bemoaning the imminent death of your beloved Google Reader, you're going to find yourself in a bind when it finally gets put out of its misery later this summer. Replacements abound, and there's no question that $19 price tag is going to be a turn-off for some. But for those willing to buy their peace of RSS mind, you may have found a winner.



Reclaim Your Kitchen Counters With Philips' New HomeCooker

Apr 30, 9:40PM

If you haven't seen your kitchen counters in years because they're covered in a slew of tiny appliances all designed to cook one thing, Jamie Oliver wants to help. Well, technically he wants to make money, but he's also teamed up with Philips to create the HomeCooker which can stir, sauté, simmer, melt, steam, stew, boil, and fry all in one machine without any supervision.



Which Tech Companies Protect Your Data From the Government?

Apr 30, 9:20PM

The Electronic Frontier Foundation just released its annual "Who Has Your Back" report card, detailing the privacy policies of tech companies. Here's the rundown of who fights for your privacy in the face of government requests for your data—and who doesn't even bother.



Meat Shredders: Great for Stress, Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Apr 30, 9:00PM

The idea behind meat shredders is a great one—you can prepare your brisket Edward Scissorhands style, while getting out all your pent up rage.



Good news: Digg is tweaking its reader with integration for read it later services, email, and socia

Apr 30, 8:51PM

Good news: Digg is tweaking its reader with integration for read it later services, email, and social media, and planning on dropping it in June, before Google Reader goes bye-bye. Bad news: You might have to pay for it.



Google Glass 101: How Glass Currently Works

Apr 30, 8:46PM

It's one thing to see what others are doing while wearing Glass but we've yet to see what the interface actually looks and behaves like. That is until now.



Peep These Beautiful Sculptures of Electronics Encased in Resin

Apr 30, 8:40PM

Amy Brener describes her sculptures as "totemic structures that resemble artifacts of an imagined future."



The Architecture of Abandoned Asylums Is Inherently Creepy

Apr 30, 8:20PM

Jeremy Harris takes photographs and collects objects from abandoned mental hospitals as part of a project that started as a study in moral architecture of the 19th century, and evolved into a way to document theses places before they're demolished. Not surprisingly, it's incredibly haunting and insanely creepy.



Archaeologists Uncover Hundreds of Mysterious Orbs in Ancient Temple

Apr 30, 8:09PM

In news that will likely delight Apollo 11 deniers, Roswell frequenters, and Illuminati enthusiasts alike, archaeologists have discovered hundreds of mysterious, once-metallic spheres buried deep beneath an ancient pyramid in Mexico City. And we have absolutely no idea what they're for.



DSLR "Rolling Shutter" Distortion Makes This Speaker Wobble Like Jello

Apr 30, 8:00PM

"Rolling shutter" is a distortion peculiar to digital video. You read about it all the time in reviews, but it can hard to visualize what exactly the "Jello-like" distortion actual does. Here it is, perfectly illustrated in a short video posted by PetaPixel



Airbnb Is Just Now Verifying Hosts and Guests

Apr 30, 7:40PM

Airbnb is starting to offer something called Verified ID—meaning, it's finally making user's prove that they're real human beings and not a robot or scam artist.



Tracking Tremors: A Brief History of the Richter Scale

Apr 30, 7:20PM

In the study of natural disasters—be they tornadoes, hurricanes, snowpacolyses, or Florida on a weekday—the event's magnitude is just as vital to our understanding as its duration and frequency. Hurricanes and tornadoes are measured by class, blizzards along the Winter Wonderland-Killstorm demarcation. Earthquakes, of course, are measured by how much energy they release—a system better known as the Richter Scale.



Jawbone's Acquisition of BodyMedia Is (Sadly) All About Patents

Apr 30, 7:07PM

Like the smartphone patent wars of yesterday, there's a new arms race happening and it's all about wearables. Similar to the spats going on between Google, Apple, Microsoft and smartphone makers, it won't matter to me or you. At least not anytime soon.



Time for an upgrade, AT&T users! Beginning May 1, you'll be able to trade in your current smartphone

Apr 30, 7:07PM

Time for an upgrade, AT&T users! Beginning May 1, you'll be able to trade in your current smartphone for at least $100 off a new one (as long as you re-up for another 2 year contract). That means you can get an iPhone or a Galaxy S4 for a bill less than usual, even if the smartphone you're trading in is an old crappy one.



This Long Range Nerf Gun Is Your Deal of the Day

Apr 30, 7:00PM

It's no suprise that we love toys at Gizmodo, especially Nerf guns. Shooting a friend with soft foam is an absolute pleasure. When you think Nerf, you're thinking dinky foam darts, but the Vortex line combines the classic Nerf gun with miniature discs, which fly a lot farther and and quite a bit faster. In fact, the Vortex Pyragon can shoot discs 60 to 70 feet—opening up a whole new world of Nerf sniping. Right now at Amazon, the Nerf Vortex is $26. That's a 25% discount and at that price, you should buy two and give one to a friend. You'll never have so much fun getting blasted in the face. [Amazon]



YouTube is the new CSPAN.

Apr 30, 6:59PM

YouTube is the new CSPAN. Well not really, but they just announced they're giving members of the U.S. Congress access to enhanced features like live streaming. Whether congress members choose to reach out to constituents is their prerogative, but at least they've got another tool now.



None of These Screengrabs in This Trippy Video Are Computer-Generated

Apr 30, 6:54PM

Warning: this video by filmmaker Will Witte is probably going to break your brain. It's an MC Escher-esque loop of screengrabs, and amazingly enough, none of the shots were achieved with the help of a computer.



The World's First Tablet Projector Promises a 100-Inch Display

Apr 30, 6:40PM

A built-in projector isn't quite at the top of anyone's wish list for tablet improvements. But that didn't stop Promate from putting one into its new LumiTab and declaring it the world's first tablet projector. The average consumer might not be interested yet, but corporate honchos who live and die by PowerPoint presentations are surely smiling from ear-to-ear now.



Watch a Bowl of Cereal Go Snap, Crackle, Boom In Glorious Slo-Mo

Apr 30, 6:25PM

Even though this bowl of breakfast cereal meets its demise at the hands of what looks to be a tiny firecracker, through the eye of a high-speed camera the resulting explosion makes it look like a small island being wiped out by an atomic bomb.



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