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Jason Wang: Game of Thrones Violin Cover

Apr 01, 1:00AM

The season 3 premier is upon us, people. There were a lot of quality contenders for this soundtrack slot. Mashups, covers and original tracks abound. Jason Wang's cover of the Game of Thrones theme by Ramin Djawadi is all-around solid, though, and also pretty epic. The track incorporates acoustic and electric violin, and was recorded before the start of season 2. Play this on loop when the premier is over and you're already starved for more. More »

Did You Ever Use Your Cellphone As A Walkie Talkie?

Apr 01, 12:00AM

I never had a walkie talkie phone, but I sure saw a lot of Nextel commercials and Sprint still offers push-to-talk even though the original Nextel network is apparently getting the ax on June 30. In the early 2000s there was something really appealing about interrupting someone's life with that little chirp. It's kind of like a phone call except different, okay? Did you ever use your phone as a wakie talkie? Do you now? Mull below. More »

Boomboxes Are Expensive When They're Big Enough To Need Wheels

Mar 31, 11:30PM

The Mobile Blastmaster exists. That's most of what you need to know. It's the boombox of your dreams, or more probably, your nightmares. It's a little red wagon on crack. More »

Okay, April Fool's 2013 Is Happening

Mar 31, 10:30PM

YouTube and GoogleMaps are getting the ball rolling today. According to the release above, YouTube is not actually a video viewing and sharing site, but an 8-year contest to find the best video anyone can make. And GoogleMaps now has a treasure map layer. Nice, we see what you did there. [CNET] More »

Robots Save Easter After Negligent Bunny Makes A Mess Of Everything

Mar 31, 9:30PM

The Robotics and Perception Group in the Artificial Intelligence Lab at the University of Zurich is nailing it. Funded in 2012, they are studying the development of autonomous robots by making seasonal videos. Which is all anyone really wants. More »

Wooden Lamps Show The Light Within

Mar 31, 8:30PM

There's something really meditative about these slotted lamps. They're made out of wood from California cypress trees and the light inside is a constant current LED, but the sculptural elements come through more than the utility as a lamp. More »

Smell-O-Vision Might Actually Be Happening, But Who Even Knows Anymore

Mar 31, 7:30PM

Doesn't it seem like being able to smell a TV show would be undesirable a lot of the time? Alex Trebek's cologne would be wafting around your grandma's all through Easter dinner and then your house would smell like blood after the Game of Thrones premier. More »

Do You Still Print Stuff Out?

Mar 31, 6:00PM

Yesterday I was printing a form and I realized it was the first time I had printed anything in months. For awhile I was the one who still had a paper copy of my bus ticket, Fandango confirmation, even driving directions. But yesterday I realized that my printer was covered in dust and stocked with ink and paper because I don't really use it anymore. I'm not someone who made a huge effort to be all digital, I just hit a tipping point. Where are you in the transition to paperless? How are things at your office? Ponder below. More »

DNA Is The Linux Of The Natural World

Mar 31, 5:00PM

We probably all vaguely assume that computers will overthrow us someday, which may be why it's so unsettling to learn that computer code is evolving much like genetic code. By comparing bacterial genomes to Linux, researchers have found "survival of the fittest" acting in computer programming. More »

What If The Sun Just Totally Disappeared?

Mar 31, 4:00PM

This is actually a pretty great thought experiment. At first it might seem kind of pointless to talk about what would happen if the sun vanished, but it doesn't actually result in the immediate destruction of everything. Which is weird. Vsauce walks through a pretty nuanced description of how earth's natural systems would slowly fail, but over weeks and even years, not seconds. The cold would get us in the end, but extremophiles that live in deep sea volcanoes and thermal vents could survive for billions of years. If you're not heliocentric and human-centric things don't look so bleak. [Vsauce] More »

Roadrunner Supercomputer Goes Dark Today

Mar 31, 3:00PM

The world's fastest supercomputer isn't the world's fastest super computer anymore, so it's getting turned off today. At Los Alamos National Laboratory, IBM's Roadrunner is being replaced by a faster, cheaper and more energy efficient computer, Cielo. More »

Drones Could Replace Eager Youths On Paper Routes

Mar 31, 1:45PM

Innovation in newspaper delivery techniques hasn't really seemed like a priority in awhile because of the whole death of print thing and whatever. But since drones categorically improve all situations, a local French postal service is turning paper routes into air routes. More »

The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Legend Of The Golden Egg Warrior

Mar 31, 4:00AM

Hahahaha, your Shaolin Rooster style is most impressive. But it is no match! For my Little Bunny Wu Shu! *lips keeps moving* [Crush] More »

Meteor Strike: The Complete Story of Russia's Cosmic Fireball

Mar 31, 1:00AM

Thanks to the crazy prevalence of dash-cams in Russia, we got an amazing, multi-viewpoint look at last month's monster meteor strike just hours after it happened. But there's more to see than just the flashes in the sky. PBS's Nova dug in deep to figure out the details of the incident, and the disaster it could have been. The disaster it might be next time if we don't keep a close watch on the skies. More »

Nine Inch Nails: The Day The World Went Away

Mar 31, 12:00AM

It's always good to have some tunes on tap that sound their best at ear-shattering volumes, and if you're in the market, Nine Inch Nail's "The Day The World Went Away" deserves a spot at the top of the list. More »

These Awesome Floating Vases Are Practically Invisible

Mar 30, 11:00PM

An expensive, ornate vase can be as much of a centerpiece as the flowers that are in it. These floating vases designed by the Japanese group oodesign take things in the opposite direction by making them look like water ripples. More »

Scientists Built a Fake Virus Shell to Make a Sterile, Zombified Vaccine

Mar 30, 10:30PM

Vaccines beef up your immune system by giving it a little taste of a weak—or dead—version of diseases. Now researchers in the UK have developed an alternative approach: build a synthetic doppelganger and let your body crush its hollow husk. More »

Your Old Hard Drives Are DIY Cotton Candy Machines Just Waiting to Happen

Mar 30, 9:00PM

What with cloud storage becoming more and more affordable, chances are you've got a stack of old hard drives just laying around somewhere. At least one. You could just throw them away, or leave them to languish, or you could throw caution to the wind and make one into a cotton candy machine. Just in time for Easter. More »

San Francisco's Stunning New Transit Hub Is One Beautiful Slice of Future

Mar 30, 8:00PM

Public transit doesn't have to be a total bummer if you've got a nice enough hub for it all to connect to. That seems to be the logic behind the upcoming 1.5-million-square-foot, San Francisco Transbay Transit Center. Some are calling it the city' "Grand Central," and if it lives up to the plans, it'll certainly be grand. More »

What's Your Earliest Memory of Using a Computer?

Mar 30, 7:00PM

We all use computers every day, but at some moment in each of our lives, there was that first meeting. A first interface, if you will. You might not remember the real first time you used a computer, but there's got to be one shining gem of nostalgia that sticks out in your mind. What is it? When you look back on it now, is it laughable or just plain awesome? What was your first time like? More »

The Earth-Shattering DDoS That Wasn't, Bill Gates' Condom Challenge, Photoshop Jedi, And More

Mar 30, 6:00PM

While there may not have actually been a Internet-threatening DDoS this week, there's plenty more to catch up on. We've got soda-stealin' tips, two flavors of photoshop magic, the reason you'll wind up with a smart watch, Bill Gates' condom plans, and all the people who suddenly owe Google $1,500. Check it all out below. More »

8 Random Celebrities Who Are Getting Google Glass

Mar 30, 5:00PM

When Google started its Glass-giving spree, it picked out some odd picks. It got so bad that some of those offers got pulled. But you can bet these celebrity winners will get their copies. More »

How Big Is the Tallest Mountain That Could Ever Exist on Earth?

Mar 30, 4:00PM

We've got some pretty tall mountains here on Earth. Granted, even the best of 'em don't hold a candle to what's waiting on Mars, but they're still impressive. Just look at the views Google got with its Street Mountain View shots. More »

How to Stop Robocalls Once and For All

Mar 30, 3:00PM

You've just sat down to a nice home-cooked meal with your family when the phone rings. Could be Grandma, you think. She still actually uses the phone for talking. But no, it's a robocall shilling for some debt relief scam, the fifth in as many days. More »

Star Trek: Into Darkness Will Have a NASA Ad for Real-Life Starfleet

Mar 30, 2:30PM

Star Trek is every thing we hope space travel can be someday. Maybe we could do without all the universe-threatening disasters, but we're all hoping for a warp drive, or a tricorder, or a replicator. Until then, NASA is carrying the fire, and the 30-second NASA trailer that will play before Star Trek: Into Darkness aims to get you stoked about our current day, real-life Starfleet. More »

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